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Join us in dramatically extending our impact to millions of individuals and communities in the developing world. With your help we can expand our proven, scalable model and leverage the power of information and communications technology to create opportunity and hope in the lives of the world’s poorest women and men.

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Make a Donation

Join us in eliminating the digital divide.

With your help we can expand our proven, scalable model and leverage the power of Information and Communication Technology to create opportunity in the lives of the world’s poorest women and men.

Donations are needed to support our digital centers, women empowerment projects and to create sustainable business enterprises.

 Together, we can extend U-TOUCH’s impact.

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Business and NGO Partnerships

We leverage the power of our ICT training by working with other organizations that share a regional focus.  They benefit by hiring our ­­graduates or by sending their staff for ICT training at our Digital Centers.  We also work with local, regional and international businesses that benefit from trained employees for outsourced transcription, data entry, graphic design, computer repair and other services.

In northern Uganda, we’re partnering with the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), which has hundreds of health-related projects throughout Africa.  We’re sharing facilities and providing AMREF with ICT training resources for their health workers and staff.  This partnership mutually benefits both organizations, helping to cover the cost of our operations while supporting the mission of AMREF.

U-TOUCH is currently partnering with the AVSI Foundation and FinAfrica to pilot a program teaching entrepreneurship in conjunction with ICT skills in Gulu and with the Abayudaya Community in Mbale.

We want to join forces with organizations operating in Uganda and throughout East Africa.  If you have a business, NGO, CBO or CSR initiative operating in East Africa that is seeking highly motivated, trained staff and/or could benefit from a U-TOUCH Digital Center, ICT training and operational support, please contact us.

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Sponsor a Student

There are more HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda than anywhere in the world.  In the northern regions, three decades of civil war has resulted in the addition of thousands of war orphans.

Consider that to attend school, even a public one, school fees must be paid.  For children with no parents every day is struggle.  They find work making bricks, planting and harvesting crops, spraying pesticides, in essence doing any work they can just to eat – school is rarely an option. Education, when they can get it, is often interrupted for months or years because they lack funds. And without education, there is little hope for their future.

Thanks to the support of individuals and the students from Muirlands Middle School and La Jolla High School, U-TOUCH has been able to sponsor a many of these orphans and help to give them a brighter future.  If you’d like to sponsor a student please use the contact form.