Impacted Communities

In 2010, U-TOUCH opened our first Digital Centers in the rural villages of northern Uganda, a region ravaged by extreme poverty and in the process of rebuilding after a horrific civil war. Today, our Digital Centers are located in four villages – Gulu, Kitgum, Kabale and Mbale.

Students from our U-TOUCH programs are creating businesses, finding employment, and getting promotions as a result of their new ICT skills.

Working with our NGO partners, we are not only improving the lives of these students but helping to develop and build stronger and more resilient economies.

Some of our U-TOUCH attendees include:

Primary and Secondary and College Level Students –

Thanks to U-TOUCH training many of our students have improved their academic performance, achieved acceptance to universities and found scholarships.

Teachers – including teachers of children with special needs –

Teachers are provided with U-TOUCH training to gain skills and improve their educational practices. For the first time many teachers have the opportunity to use the Internet to gain access to new methodologies, information, and teaching strategies, helping them to improve the education of their students.

Health Workers –

Doctors, nurses and midwives are gaining improved diagnostic and treatment skills, as well as more efficient methods of disseminating critical health promotion information.

Farmers –

Local farmers use U-TOUCH resource to access up to the date agricultural information that improves their yields and the nutrition of the whole community.

And –

Previous Child Soldiers

Child mothers

Business men and women



Youth out of school, out of work

Women out of school, out of work




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