Sebastian – Sponsored Student Update

We met Sebastian in 2009, when he was 11 years old.  He had lost both parents in the LRA War and was living with his grandmother and seven cousins. We enrolled Sebastian at Negri Secondary School where he was named a “bright and excellent” student, eager to learn.  With his cousin Julius, Sebastian built a reading hut, where he practiced to become a proficient reader and scholar. On day, Sebastian figured out how to wire the family’s kitchen hut with a light bulb so that his grandma could cook after dark.  Then, while still 11 years old and never having seen a computer or television, Sebastian built a working radio from a collection of junk parts!

SebastianSebastian loved coming to the U-TOUCH Digital Center to study using the Internet.  After ranking #1 in his class for four years and one of five top students in his entire district on a national exam Sebastian was invited to attend the London Colleges of St. Lawrence where he has scored top in S-5, equivalent to US 11th Grade.  He is studying the sciences and hopes to become a doctor to help his community and country with the extreme health issues with which they wrestle.

Sebastian is currently applying to US schools for his undergraduate education.

He met with the US Embassy who is helping him with the process.  And U-TOUCH has provided him a laptop for his schoolwork as well as for studying for the SAT’s.


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