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Over 86% of Africa’s population has no Internet access with many living in isolated and impoverished regions.  Millions of young women and men in rural Africa are cut off from a world of education, employment and empowerment.  U-TOUCH offers a proven, scalable and sustainable solution to this problem.

At U-TOUCH (Universal Technology Outreach Community Hubs) we leverage the power of information technology by connecting thousands of young women and men in even the poorest, most isolated villages to the digital revolution.

U-TOUCH provides computer and internet technology tools and training to enable and advance economic empowerment. This innovative strategy of leveraging technology for the alleviation of abject poverty has demonstrated efficacy. With the core value of promoting self-reliance, U-TOUCH empowers individuals and communities to create solutions to their own challenges through technology.

U-TOUCH Digital Centers also provide training in job, health and life skills. The results are dramatic – creating opportunities that increase incomes and support improved family nutrition, children’s education, health care and more.

U-TOUCH is a US based 501(c) 3 and a registered Uganda CBO that began operating in 2010 in Gulu (Regional Office), Kitgum, Pader, Mbale and Kabale Districts.

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