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Who we are

We empower individuals and communities in developing countries to create solutions to their own challenges through access to and knowledge of internet technology.

Bridging the digital divide

Our Mission

To fortify families and communities by providing technology, tools and training to advance education and economic empowerment in disadvantaged regions.

When U-TOUCH empowers the young adults in Uganda we are fortifying the foundation for the next generation. A particularly good example is the Women’s Empowerment Program touching generations of women with a future filled with hope and success. Successful mothers serve as examples, role models, for their daughters to emulate. With their newly earned discretionary income mothers invest in education and healthcare for their children. The ultimate mission of U-TOUCH is to get healthy children in school and provide the best opportunities for their educational success.  This multi-generational ripple effect strengthens families, communities, and ultimately countries. With U-TOUCH certification in technology, life skills, entrepreneurship, job skills and women empowerment training, young women and men are becoming employed or becoming entrepreneurs. With incomes they are providing for their family’s basic needs and putting children in school. Young women and men are building improved economies of their communities, breaking the cycle of poverty and changing the course of the future of Uganda.

Why us.

Our Values

Respect & Dignity

Provide a “hand-up” not a “hand-out”. Brilliance is equally distributed, opportunity is not.


Honor personal differences and values and actively seek to understand

Result Oriented

Focus on performance of bottom-line measures that matter


Driven by continuous improvement to provide world-class applications


Always focused upon new and improved methods of achieving our mission


Commitment to honesty and moral principles

Passion for our Work

Our efforts are heart-driven fueled by compassion and caring

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