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U-TOUCH ~ Women’s Empowerment Program

Women are the backbone of Africa. They bear the children, care for their families, work the garden, and spend hours walking for water. Too often these responsibilities keep them from the education and opportunities that would improve the lives of their whole families. Empowering women changes communities and economies.

Young Ugandan women participate in the U-TOUCH intensive month-long Women’s Empowerment (WE) program to challenge traditional and limited gender roles and redefine women as valuable and powerful. Building on the solid foundation of women’s rights the participants of the WE Program develop self-esteem, leadership, life skills, business and technology skills for the Digital Age.

The beneficiaries of the WE Program have realized that life can be more than struggle and hardship. For the first time they see opportunity – then hope – then the confidence to set their own goals and develop a plan. Empowered with an array of effective life skills, access to technology and surrounded by positive support these women begin a successful journey toward economic freedom. With their U-TOUCH certification the graduates of the WE Program have started successful businesses, been employed or have been promoted. With their increased income they can not only meet basic needs like clean water, food and shelter they have an improved capacity to afford better healthcare and provide access to education for her family.

It is extraordinarily exciting to witness Ugandan women having access to technology and immediately redefining what is possible. Learning computer skills and accessing unlimited information on the Internet shatters their notion of what they can do – the sky is now the limit. The Women’s Empowerment program unlocks their hidden potential and the impact is profound and sustainable!

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