A message from Kinyera TF Macmillan

I am Kinyera TF Macmillan, a male Acholi of 24 years old, a student at U-Touch Digital Library Center Pader with a magnificient interest in information and communication technology, software development and passionate heart for communal service. I am a resident of Ajanyi Village, Aringa Parish, Puranga Sub-County, Pader District in Northern Uganda.

Before joining the U-Touch DLC Pader in May 2012, I was serving the community of Pader Central High School as a student teacher for English Language, General Paper & Geography as well as a Patron for Club & Society after completing Senior Six in the year 2011.

When I joined the U-Touch Center I expected to learn computer theoretical background, be knowledeable to connect & use computers,Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word processing, Internet E-mail & online communication, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power point presentation,  jobs & life skills, health management skills,  and research techniques.

With the computer knowledge acquired I intend with passion to help those who did not get access to the DLC acquire similar skills andknowledge freely, open computer library and mentor people with similar objectives & interests like mine when fortune smiles, become video & film producer on peace conferencing, join mass media for communal benefit, carry intensive research on health to keep my community disease free, alert communities on jobs, life & business enrichment skills to lift them out of a depression.

The U-TOUCH managements & staff ‘God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On U’ with a conscience more precious than Gold & Pearl, for the selfless shouldering 0f the vulnerables, the needy & the unfortunate communities with vision. May God bless your ‘brains’, ‘hands’ & prosper your plans

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  • masogoyi juma
    12:48 am - February 15, 2013. Reply

    am happy to here that in our region.