Back to Uganda in 2013

Travel from San Diego to Uganda was a bit challenging with pushing, pulling and storing of heavy baggage, delayed flights leading to a missed flight and delayed baggage and exhaustion.  Reading and sleeping was the pattern over the 24 hours but finally arriving in beautiful Uganda dissolved any and all travel woes. Stepping out from the airport to the cloudless blue sky and warm air enveloping my soul all stress was relieved by the kind and warm welcome back to Uganda.  

View of Lake Victoria from the Guest HouseThe driver and helper from Hellen’s Lake View Guesthouse waited patiently for my delayed arrival and drove me up to an oasis in the hills.  Hellen greeted me upon arrival, a beautiful woman with a warm smile and soon to discover a warm heart as well.  After a brief tour of the guesthouse I showered and crawled into a long awaited comfortable bed while the sun shone, a most unusual experience for me.  Closing my eyes to the music of the melodious Ugandan birds I instantly fell into a slumber where I stayed for five hours.  Much to my surprise awakening at 5:20pm I extricated myself from the cozy environs to enjoy the last of the sunshine before the daylight began to turn its back toward Uganda.

I came upstairs to the deck of the guest house where Lake Victoria can easily be seen hugging the shoreline.  You can see for miles from the roof of hills between Entebbe and Kamplala, known as Kijansi.  The lake, beautiful homes, tropical fauna, including fruit trees, sounds of birds, goats, and prayer horns, were a palate of color and symphony welcoming my arrival to Uganda. The calm beauty of Uganda wrapped my body and soul warmly melting away all my stress from the Western world. 

Uganda Flowers

As I sat on the veranda Hellen offered me a most inviting delicious freshly picked papaya from her many fruit bearing trees in her beautiful garden.  Beside was a bunch of powerfully packed flavorful miniature bananas. After airplane Asian vegetarian food these fruits were welcome to my healing body. The freshness of Ugandan fruits and vegetables is unparalleled for building both my body and soul for two months to come. 

Shortly, I will take another slumber to arise at to pick up my friend from the airport to begin his first time welcome to Uganda.       

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9 reviews
  • Sadati Mulilo
    10:41 am - June 29, 2013. Reply

    Your are welcome Deb, U-TOUCH Uganda has been long waiting for this moment to come in our faces again. . Uganda is a beautiful country but you contributed to its beauty because through U-TOUCH you bring us happiness, smilling faces and never to grow old shall always stay smilling citizens. Happy to see you in Uganda

  • Ron Plotkin
    10:59 am - July 1, 2013. Reply

    Love the vivid detail and interesting writing style… eager to read the next installment. Thanks for the blog!

  • Dvora Rotenberg
    5:29 pm - July 1, 2013. Reply

    Hi Deb,

    Welcome back to Uganda. I will be there in the beginning of August and if you are still there, I hope our paths will cross. Sadati has told me all the wonderful work that U-touch has done and he is an incredible young man. I spend most of my time in Mbale when I am there and hope to have some time to spend in the centre and see all the accomplishments that have been achieved. If you have a chance, please drop me a line at [email protected]. I would love to connect with you. By the way, I am also bringing my son from LA for his first trip this time. It’s a wonderful way to change awareness in the world.

    Yours Truly,
    Dvora Rotenberg
    Executive Director
    Canadian Friends of Pearl Children

  • Joseph Tabu
    12:30 am - July 2, 2013. Reply

    Welcome to Uganda, & Northern Uganda awaits to warmly welcome you again in Gulu, Kitgum & Pader.
    In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility – I welcome U-TOUCH to the Communities of Northern Uganda ~ Acholi Region!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!