Barbara – An Update

Barbara used her U-TOUCH training well.

Barbara U-TOUCH beneficiary gains employment using technology

Last year Barbara told us about coming to the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center in Pader with hope and a plan.  While awaiting the results of her college entrance exam she wanted to “learn computers.”  She committed herself to the 12-week curriculum, learning ICT (Information Communication Technology) and taking advantage of the other enrichment programs – Life Skills, Job Skills, Entrepreneurship – with hopes to use all if it to continue her education. 

Little more than a year later, Barbara is a first-year student in Business Administration at Uganda Christian University, Mukono; and she is interning with the Accounts section of the Pader District Local Government.  For both of these opportunities, Barbara needed and used the computer literacy skills she acquired through U-TOUCH. 

Uganda Christian University has a well-equipped computer laboratory with Internet connections.  Most of the lecturers send notes to their students via e-mail and expect research and coursework to be completed and submitted via computer.  Her skills have also enabled her to stay connected with her sisters and friends at other universities and at the U-TOUCH Center back home.

During her long holiday break, Barbara wanted to keep busy and use her skills.  Her father helped her by making inquiries at the Pader District Local Government.  Her volunteer position there is giving her invaluable work experience as she uses MS Excel and other specialized Microsoft accounting software to enter data, balance the books and provide analysis. 

Barbara also knows how she wants to use her education after graduation — in her own business.  She plans to open a commercial internet café in northern Uganda to “create jobs for young people and also impart the skills to others.”

 “The world we live in today is becoming more challenging….Any person without computer knowledge is disadvantaged.…I wish to thank U-TOUCH for positively touching my life.”  ~Barbara



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