Meet Barbara!

Barbara in Pader, Uganda

The first time I attended programs at the U-TOUCH Center, Pader, Uganda, was January, 2012, with basically orientation and induction to U-TOUCH Center. Before joining the center, I was home for my vacation while waiting for my Form Six (college entrance exam) results. My plan was to learn computer but because of financial issues I was unable; so I just remained home helping with house work.

Actually, after the training, I feel my plans have been achieved and my situation has really changed. I have made new friends and I have also learned new skills, like typing, using MS Word, calculation skills using MS Excel, communication and research skills using Internet, presentation skills using MS PowerPoint and also enrichment programs like Life skills, Entrepreneurial skills and Job skills among others. What I have learned and I feel will really benefit me in the future are Job skills, Life skills, Entrepreneurial skills and also the Calculations using MS Excel. 

Looking ahead, my life will really change because of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) knowledge that I have acquired from U-TOUCH. In a year from now, I see myself as a student in the University pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance or Bachelor of Business Administration. And in 5 years time, I see myself as a professional international Accountant.

For those who are still computer illiterate, I appeal to you to come and join any U-TOUCH Center because this training is free of charge; you just have to dedicate your time and that’s all.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to U-TOUCH and its sponsors for the free ICT training that it has offered to us. I am really so grateful because you have changed me and I can now face the world.


It is only through your generous donations that U-TOUCH is able to provide training and computer access

to the many students that attend U-TOUCH centers in Uganda


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