Meet Barbara!

Barbara in Pader, Uganda

The first time I attended programs at the U-TOUCH Center, Pader, Uganda, was January, 2012, with basically orientation and induction to U-TOUCH Center. Before joining the center, I was home for my vacation while waiting for my Form Six (college entrance exam) results. My plan was to learn computer but because of financial issues I was unable; so I just remained home helping with house work.

Actually, after the training, I feel my plans have been achieved and my situation has really changed. I have made new friends and I have also learned new skills, like typing, using MS Word, calculation skills using MS Excel, communication and research skills using Internet, presentation skills using MS PowerPoint and also enrichment programs like Life skills, Entrepreneurial skills and Job skills among others. What I have learned and I feel will really benefit me in the future are Job skills, Life skills, Entrepreneurial skills and also the Calculations using MS Excel. 

Looking ahead, my life will really change because of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) knowledge that I have acquired from U-TOUCH. In a year from now, I see myself as a student in the University pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Finance or Bachelor of Business Administration. And in 5 years time, I see myself as a professional international Accountant.

For those who are still computer illiterate, I appeal to you to come and join any U-TOUCH Center because this training is free of charge; you just have to dedicate your time and that’s all.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to U-TOUCH and its sponsors for the free ICT training that it has offered to us. I am really so grateful because you have changed me and I can now face the world.


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3 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Kabale School of Comprehensive Nursing in Kabale, UgandaU-TOUCH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all volunteer organization which is funded by donations, grants and fundraising events. We need your support to provide much needed services to the beneficiaries in Uganda.

1. Donate Your Time
U-TOUCH relies on volunteers for clerical assistance, community outreach, social media and a variety of other functions. Whatever your interest or talent, there’s a place for you on the U-TOUCH team! 

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2. Donate Technology
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Daniel’s Story

Daniel from Pader UgandaNAME : OCORA DANIEL

I joined U-touch on the 4th of January, 2012.I was a student in Lira Palwo senior secondary school and I was planning for further studies.

Actually this training at U-TOUCH center made me change because I made new friends, learned new skills as a result of attending the U-TOUCH center programs.

So far we have learned the most common packages in computer (computing) which includes Microsoft words, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, internet and communication etc were by this can make me hold any place in computer center. I can apply the knowledge I have got in some offices and also be called to connect public address system in some places such as churches, schools and many others functions that may be addressed.

Looking ahead, my life will change between now to five years. I intend to open my own computer secretarial center in one year using the skills I have got from this training and in five years to come, I intend to be as a trainer in information and communication technology.


Achiro Stella Patience

My name is Achiro Stella Patience, I live in Lulojo village and am 20 years old. I started attending the U-TOUCH center on the 18th of January 2012.

I was a student and my plan was to work hard and achieve my goal in computing. After receiving the training, my plans and situations has changed a lot.  I didn’t get a job but I have improved on my research, made new friends and learnt new skills on results on attending the U-TOUCH Center. I have learnt on how to do research and making friends using a computer.

My life in 1 year will change alot due to the computer knowledge and in 5 years time I would have got a job in computing to change my lifestyle. I would like to appreciate the U-TOUCH center for the training offered for us.

Too-lit Jacob: U-TOUCH Kitgum

Jacob in Kitgum, UgandaName: Too-Lit Jacob
Location: west land (Kitgum town council)
Age: 18 years old

It was on the 13th may 2011 that I have attended the U-TOUCH program in the center.

Before I came to the U-TOUCH center I was at the school for my ordinary level at Kitgum Town College.  My plan is that if I had finished my ordinary level, then I would like to be a teacher.

After I have receive my training at U-TOUCH center, my plan changed simply because I have improved in school. I have also made a new friends from various places; like Miriam  from Senegal, Sadam Ochola  and many more. For the program concerning job, I have not yet got it and I am still struggle for the job. I hope with the free access to internet at U-TOUCH I will be connected.  Surely God’s willing I will get it.

What I have learn from this center as a participation at the U-TOUCH is that this center has allowed me to practice during Tuesday and Thursday in every week and in those days they allow me a free internet servies hence making me to interract with my fellow friends outside the country. What I think of my future is that this center will improve the lives of the people in northern Uganda, especially Kitgum District where this center is located. In my future I think will be a good computer wizard.

My life will be improved through this knowledge and experience I have got from this center. I will be a hard worker to let my family start a good foundation for their lives.

What I want to share with this center is that they should continue to develop this program from town up to the village so that everyone should knows how to use computer, and how computer look like because most of the people in the village they don’t know what computer look like.And also I’m appealling to the center authority to continue their spirit of giving a chance to other people also to learn about computer.

Editor’s note: Ordinary or “O” level is the equivalent of the last 2 years of high school. Secondary schools are commonly referred to as colleges, while universities are post-secondary institutions.

Education in Uganda

Christopher: About the Katine Resource Center

Christopher in Katine, Uganda

I joined the resource center on the early October of 2011 but  since I joined the project I have  really  benefitted and am still benefitting up to date and these factors include;

I am a student at Katine secondary school and I have been attending school at the same time attending lessons at the resource center which I think I will help me in my future when I have finished  my studies at school.

With the help from Mr. Serekedde Andrew he saw that am one of the best performing students at the resource center and he made me an intern in the resource center– not only that he has still continued to add me more skills about the computer, and I think at the end of the project I would have benefitted a lot not only me but also the students.

With this wisdom I think I will perform better at school, because computer is one of the subjects at our school that I didn’t like, but since I got the skills its now my best subject.

I also managed to access an email which didn’t expect in my early age but am great I got to experience that.

One and now I can talk to people outside Katine over the in internet which made me very glad.

And I have got a number of friends on face book. once I want to   access  my email   I come  and   access it free  of charge  so as  am closing  I would  like to thank U-TOUCH alongside AMREF for the facilities you provide us at the Katine Resource Center.


Samuel: Katine Resource Center, AMREF and U-TOUCH

Samuel at the U-TOUCH Center in Katine

Oh my goodness what a marvelous perfect chance to have unexpectedly from the blue! never let go anything that come your way  and never ever underestimate whatever apple you see in the market but rather go near and then feel the touch smell and test before you begin underrating it. Organizations have always been undermined by many politicians basing on the services they always render to communities; to me I feel they should first be given chance to have their service rendered before we begin throwing stones on them.

Basing on the research carried out I strongly concur with the researchers that AMREF is one of the best organizations in the world. With the resource center built in Katine with partnership with U-TOUCH, the community of Katine has benefited a lot from it. Not to beat around the bush, I personally would wish to acknowledge AMREF as an organization for the service I got from them, in conjunction with U-TOUCH.

The introduction of an ICT literacy program introduced in Katine Resource center, many students inclusive of me have been acquainted with computer skills, entrepreneur skills, Health education skills and peace conferencing among other things. These skills have therefore not only helped me in graduating as a student in Katine resource center but also graduate as a diploma holder in Soroti UCC.

The training helped me challenge most of my tasks I meet in computer not only in Katine resource center but also in College of Commerce Soroti more so when it came to Microsoft Applications.

I therefore wish to  congratulate AMREF Katine together with U-TOUCH for having made me succeed in my education especially in my diploma level through the training I had in Katine I therefore would want to have these program ran for many years  so as to have very many people of Katine have skills in computer. Long live AMREF long live U-TOUCH may God bless you.


Stephen’s Story

Stephen shares his experience as a member of the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center in Gulu, Uganda:

This is Stephen and I’d like to talk about how the
U-TOUCH Digital Library Center, Gulu has benefited me. First of all, I would like to say I completely had no knowledge of what a computer is, in fact I had never even touched a computer since I was born and never thought of learning and using one some day. It was not until, the U-TOUCH project came in place and set up the Digital Library Centers here in northern Uganda that I got the opportunity to learn computer skills and at the moment, I really have substantial knowledge in computer skills and that has greatly impacted my life positively in a number of ways.

Having learned  computer, and as a student in school, I realized that learning could be made easier with the use of computers and through the internet in particular and I’m so delighted to say I was able to frequently use the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center for my studies and it was not surprising that I was able to pass my high school leaving exams with really good and impressing grades, actually I emerged the best Arts student from my class in my subject combination of History, Economics, Geography and Entrepreneurship Education. After that, I got the opportunity to apply for University education and got admitted at Gulu university for a public administration course.

Still at the university I’m very much able to utilize the resource center for doing my assignments and course works utilizing the free internet access. So many of my friends and students from Gulu university have also been able to use the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center for research and study purposes and really they appreciate so much the services U-TOUCH is offering to the community in Gulu and other parts of the region. At the university, I’m able to do very well in class assignments and also exams as I can easily use a computer at the center for studying.

Besides that, I also got in touch with so many friends online and with the student to student connections and also the ementoring program, I have really gotten to learn and share lots of experiences with friends abroad especially in the states. I really hope these kinds of connection  would in the long run become useful tools to students and other members of the community in Uganda as they get to share experiences of life and gain skills in their respective areas of interests. At the center still, I got to learn other enrichment skills being offered by U-TOUCH Digital Library center in Gulu and other centers in the region which include; job skills especially tips of creating attractive resume/CVs, writing application letters among others.

Also I learnt health tips and also attended the village savings and loans association training which has enable me to learn something  about the need for saving wisely for future use and what is required to come up with such VSLA groups, it’s rules and regulations and so forth. Also very important is peace conferencing program that has really given me the skills in addressing problems and conflicts in the community and the world at large. I hope with all these skills I have gotten to learn from the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center, I would grow a responsible citizen and be able to work with self reliance utilizing all the great skills I have got to solve immediate problems around me.

“Long Live U-TOUCH!”


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