Thank you to CompTIA MSP Partners as well as Small Business Owners and IT Business Growth Professionals for selecting U-TOUCH to share your most deeply appreciated philanthropic generosity. 

U-TOUCH, using an innovative approach has brought technology to Uganda and is bridging the digital divide.  U-TOUCH is making a differnce where brilliance was equally distributed though opportunity was not. At the U-TOUCH Digital Library Centers thousands living in abject poverty, that is less than $1.00 per day have successfully gained computer skills to certification. Using their natural brilliance and creativity they finally have access to gain knowledge from the Internet, the greaest library in the world.  Instead of dependency upon others the people of these impovershed regions are becoming connected. Using their new found information to make decisions the people are moving forward, improving their livelihoods and creating progress in their world. Innovative solutions are being developed for problems faced in the harsh circumstances in which they live. Youth both in and out of school, health workers, teachers, government workers, farmers and small business owners, are but a few groups who are using technology to learn information and communications to develop new approaches in their fields.  Students who never before owned a textbook have for the first time visually seen their course material come alive.  Computer theory taught in schools has become practical.  Students are gaining knowledge and passing exams with high performance grades. Health workers are updating medical information on diagnosis and treatment and developing electronic medical record keeping instead of referring back to years of hard copy patient record books. Members are gaining jobs, applying for educational opportunities and employment online.  Job promotions are regular and members of the U-TOUCH Centers have become highly valued individuals in their local communities. They have learned to become community ambassadors, collecting data and creating power point presentations to share on health, life skills, job skills and peacebuilding and conflict resolution. U-TOUCH is changing the course of visions, of goals and of lives. 

The seminal work that U-TOUCH is doing is only possible through the generosity of the three philanthropic CompTIA Communities including MSP Partners, Small Business Owners and IT Business Growth Professionals.  U-TOUCH has greatly benefited by receiving $13,300 from CompTIA’s generous communities. Thank you does not convey how grateful we feel for CompTIA’s participation in helping to create such an important and impactful change in the world. With the generous support of these three CompTIA communities people living in disavantaged regions in Uganda are now connecting globally and working hard to pull themselves out of poverty. Please know U-TOUCH the world, making a huge difference!

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