Christopher: About the Katine Resource Center

Christopher in Katine, Uganda

I joined the resource center on the early October of 2011 but  since I joined the project I have  really  benefitted and am still benefitting up to date and these factors include;

I am a student at Katine secondary school and I have been attending school at the same time attending lessons at the resource center which I think I will help me in my future when I have finished  my studies at school.

With the help from Mr. Serekedde Andrew he saw that am one of the best performing students at the resource center and he made me an intern in the resource center– not only that he has still continued to add me more skills about the computer, and I think at the end of the project I would have benefitted a lot not only me but also the students.

With this wisdom I think I will perform better at school, because computer is one of the subjects at our school that I didn’t like, but since I got the skills its now my best subject.

I also managed to access an email which didn’t expect in my early age but am great I got to experience that.

One and now I can talk to people outside Katine over the in internet which made me very glad.

And I have got a number of friends on face book. once I want to   access  my email   I come  and   access it free  of charge  so as  am closing  I would  like to thank U-TOUCH alongside AMREF for the facilities you provide us at the Katine Resource Center.


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