CompTIA MSP Partners Community

 U-TOUCH is honored to have been selected by the CompTIA MSP Partners Community in their latest round of charitable giving through the Creating IT Futures Foundation, the philanthropic arm of CompTIA.

CompTIA MSP Partners Community awards U-TOUCH $5000





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2 reviews
    6:40 am - June 27, 2012. Reply

    I feel humbled for the support from our brothers and sisters who are really working to raise hopes of the rural African who is left behind. I want to thank the U-TOUCH Executive Team out in the US for the love to the People of Northern Uganda, I do feel humbled and grateful as they bring hope to the Last African mother, father brother, sister, child…!!!

  • okecha stephene
    11:40 am - July 5, 2012. Reply

    Great!! I must say no amount of appreciation can be equivalent to the amrvelous support you are rendering towards the development of the people of Northern Uganda. Great thanks to all those in support