Daniel’s Story

Daniel from Pader UgandaNAME : OCORA DANIEL

I joined U-touch on the 4th of January, 2012.I was a student in Lira Palwo senior secondary school and I was planning for further studies.

Actually this training at U-TOUCH center made me change because I made new friends, learned new skills as a result of attending the U-TOUCH center programs.

So far we have learned the most common packages in computer (computing) which includes Microsoft words, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, internet and communication etc were by this can make me hold any place in computer center. I can apply the knowledge I have got in some offices and also be called to connect public address system in some places such as churches, schools and many others functions that may be addressed.

Looking ahead, my life will change between now to five years. I intend to open my own computer secretarial center in one year using the skills I have got from this training and in five years to come, I intend to be as a trainer in information and communication technology.


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2 reviews
  • Daniel Pader
    9:05 am - February 24, 2014. Reply

    Good for you Daniel!, good luck and never lose hope, you can achieve whatever you want, there’s no limit!

  • Suzanne
    8:22 pm - May 6, 2015. Reply

    Nice to meet you ~ I hope all of your dreams come true!! Peace Suzanne =)