Giving Tuesday


Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on December 3, 2019, and every day.  Let’s multiply your generosity – On Dec 3, Facebook will match a total of $7 million in donations first come, first served. U-TOUCH provides FREE technology, tools, and training to enable and advance economic empowerment in disadvantaged regions. Youth 15 – 30 enroll in FREE U-TOUCH training courses where they study for two to three months intensively taking classes in ICT, Life Skills,  Job Skills, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Women’s Empowerment Skills. Upon completion and reaching mastery, students achieve their highly regarded and valuable U-TOUCH Certification, giving them top priority towards employment opportunities and/or they become successful entrepreneurs. The goal of U-TOUCH is to fortify the youth, to empower their family through an increased income putting siblings in school, improving nutrition and providing medical care for the family. U-TOUCH is celebrating its success with training over 5500 youth-targeted directly and 86% achieving their goal of employment, entrepreneurship, returning to school or receiving a promotion due to their highly specialized U-TOUCH training. U-TOUCH is a non-profit 501 (c )3 organization in the US and U-TOUCH in Uganda is an NGO with highly trained local Ugandan staff who are providing intensive theoretical and practical training. The indirect impact reaches far and wide! 
Millions of people are living in such extreme poverty; children out of school without funds to pay for a uniform, a pencil or food,  without running water in their huts, without electricity or without funds for proper medical care. In fact, Uganda has the world’s youngest population with 78% of the population being youth under the age of 30. Additionally, Uganda has one of the highest unemployment rates in sub-Saharan Africa. U-TOUCH is providing a sustainable and scalable approach to address the problem. Visiting a new barber after achieving his U-TOUCH certification, Deb Plotkin, U-TOUCH Founder, commented on the laptop in his shop. Joseph, the barber responded,  “I use the laptop to identify new hair designs, but, you are changing the course of poverty because I am training all the youth in the village and they will never be in my position of poverty with their computer training providing access to opportunity.”
Thank you! It is because of you that U-TOUCH exists. U-TOUCH is a collaborative team-world project advancing youth and families, giving them a way forward. U-TOUCH is a model that works directly as well as indirectly with the graduates training family, friends and colleagues, impacting the population far and wide. Students often travel 150 km to study at U-TOUCH and we need your help to expand services and transform many more lives and families! Please join us today by donating to help U-TOUCH expand its training services and the opportunity U-TOUCH brings!

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Giving Tuesday Wish List:

  • Please support the outstanding U-TOUCH programs and services
  • Please remember that U-TOUCH depends upon you
  • Please remember even our basic privilege and give generously to help our     Ugandan friends in extreme need.
  • Please note, 98% of donations fund Uganda programs and services.
  • Please share with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Please join our team of U-TOUCH Friends with your loving support!