Introduction to the Digital World

Since 2010, we’ve graduated over 5000 students in northern Uganda from the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum.

Most of our students have never touched a computer before, many have walked miles just to do so.  They know that knowledge of computers, computer technology and the internet is essential to building and establishing careers that will integrate with the changing economy of their country, yet until U-TOUCH began offering classes in remote areas of Uganda, this opportunity was only a dream.

We begin the course with an introduction to the fundamentals: explaining the computer’s components, operating system basics, and how to use a mouse and keyboard. Within 12 weeks, our students have learned how to use resources on the Internet; email, Microsoft Office, productivity and social networking programs, and how to manage computer security and privacy. U-TOUCH also offers students a variety of related subjects to increase their skill sets such as job, health, communication, entrepreneurship, computer programming and digital art skills.