Too-lit Jacob: U-TOUCH Kitgum

Jacob in Kitgum, UgandaName: Too-Lit Jacob
Location: west land (Kitgum town council)
Age: 18 years old

It was on the 13th may 2011 that I have attended the U-TOUCH program in the center.

Before I came to the U-TOUCH center I was at the school for my ordinary level at Kitgum Town College.  My plan is that if I had finished my ordinary level, then I would like to be a teacher.

After I have receive my training at U-TOUCH center, my plan changed simply because I have improved in school. I have also made a new friends from various places; like Miriam  from Senegal, Sadam Ochola  and many more. For the program concerning job, I have not yet got it and I am still struggle for the job. I hope with the free access to internet at U-TOUCH I will be connected.  Surely God’s willing I will get it.

What I have learn from this center as a participation at the U-TOUCH is that this center has allowed me to practice during Tuesday and Thursday in every week and in those days they allow me a free internet servies hence making me to interract with my fellow friends outside the country. What I think of my future is that this center will improve the lives of the people in northern Uganda, especially Kitgum District where this center is located. In my future I think will be a good computer wizard.

My life will be improved through this knowledge and experience I have got from this center. I will be a hard worker to let my family start a good foundation for their lives.

What I want to share with this center is that they should continue to develop this program from town up to the village so that everyone should knows how to use computer, and how computer look like because most of the people in the village they don’t know what computer look like.And also I’m appealling to the center authority to continue their spirit of giving a chance to other people also to learn about computer.

Editor’s note: Ordinary or “O” level is the equivalent of the last 2 years of high school. Secondary schools are commonly referred to as colleges, while universities are post-secondary institutions.

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