Founder of  U-TOUCH

Deborah Plotkin

Born and raised in New York City, with the tragic loss of her father as an infant, Deborah’s hardship resulted in establishing her path of giving a voice and serving those in need both within the US and internationally. With a graduate degree, Deborah became an advocate for children with autism and other special needs. Additionally, with a leadership background in behavior and human development she founded and directed the Family Enrichment Center.

Deborah's Moments

Deborah founded U-TOUCH (Universal Technology Outreach Community Hubs) in 2010 and is Executive Director of the San Diego-based 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization while also registered as a Non-Governmental Organization, (NGO) in Uganda. U-TOUCH Hubs provide computer skills, life skills, job skills, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment and vocational training to improve education and employment opportunities, advancing the development of communities and the economy.

Deborah has co-authored Secrets of War: Told Through the Drawings and Stories of the Young People of Northern Uganda.  She is also featured in Unfettered Hearts:  Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, a recent publication compiling inspirational stories of compassion. Deborah spends months annually at the U-TOUCH Technology Hubs in rural communities and is a leader of a strong collaborative U-TOUCH team in San Diego and Uganda.

Deborah identified that her lifetime commitment of service toward supporting, advocating, and advancing the lives of vulnerable children both in the US and in developing countries was in alignment with the philosophy and practice of the Rotary Club. Deborah became a Rotarian in 2015 and has found a fellowship with Rotarians across the world working toward the same goal.

Deborah is grateful for the abundance of love she shares with her husband, Ron, and their three children, their spouses, and five grandchildren who all give back to the world in their own way.