Women’s empowerment training has been the most remarkable thing that ever happened to me. Through the training, I gained entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills among other skills that I use in my day-to-day life experiences.

PatriciaThanks to U-TOUCH for giving me a grant of 150,000UGX  [$50] that helped me to resume my peanut butter business. This has greatly increased my financial ability. The business generates for me over 50,000UGX everyday and this income helps me to support my family. Unlike other vulnerable women, I am no longer financially dependent and I also employ two other ladies who help me with the processing of the peanut butter.

My success has had an important impact on the community by inspiring other ladies and I believe that as I advance I will also employ many other women.

I request U-TOUCH to reach out to a lot more vulnerable women out there who do not know about this program so that they too can discover the hidden potential they possess.

I credit all of this achievement to U-TOUCH WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM.


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