Rachael’s Success

Did you know that over 86% of Africa’s population still has no Internet access? Rachael, a former SEVO International student, became aware of this issue when she realized her institution lacked computers. As a nursing student at SEVO, Rachael’s goal was to manage rescue, health care, and training facilities to service providers, highway clinics, and youth rehabilitation homes. A key part of this process is the Internet, and without it, Rachael was unable to fulfill her job as a student. She discovered the lack of Internet access and took initiative in her university by enrolling in U-TOUCH’s ICT Program. There she learned vital ICT skills that helped her in doing research and opening up a business. She is the proud owner of a drug shop in Uganda and uses her computer to track records in her business. With the help of U-TOUCH, Rachael has access to the world of information, communication, and education. Don’t take being connected for granted!

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