Reflections of Summer 2015 in Uganda

I went to Uganda, as I do each summer, to bathe my soul in the love and inspiration of the people who have suffered great hardship, yet hold onto hope in the future they are building.  Every year I travel with optimism about the progress I will see and I have always been pleased! But this year was different. I went as a skeptic, determined to take stock of our progress with a critical eye, to look hard for evidence of stalling momentum or shortfalls in our plans.

Women's Empowerment

Well, I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelmingly positive outcomes of U-TOUCH training in Uganda. All five Digital Centers in Mbale, Pader, Kitgum and Kabale and the Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) in Gulu have shown deep impacts in families and communities.  As a result of your support, unemployed young women and men–with their U-TOUCH certification and computer skills–are becoming entrepreneurs; becoming employed; receiving promotions or returning to school. As a donor, be proud of the work you have been able to accomplish for the women who can now support their families to meet their basic needs and human rights. Best of all the increase in family income is putting children back in school, they have improved nutrition and medical care and many are learning computer skills, just like their parent or older sibling!

It was a terrific joy to be with all the U-TOUCH trainers, country-wide, for our week-long annual staff meeting. Once again, the U-TOUCH family was at work, growing and planning for the new year. This summer, the buzz at the TIH was about the first of U-TOUCH’s self-sustainability programs– the Graphic Design and Print Center. The graphic artists were busy creating eye-catching documents and visuals for headmaster’s of schools, politicans, wedding parties and for businessmen and women of the community. We are excited about its potential to help build a sustainable U-TOUCH future. The Women’s Empowerment room was aglow as local trainer, Beatrice, along with Zahra, a US intern, led 20 young women through the 3-week program. After becoming empowered women, strong with self-esteem and confidence, and understanding their rights, the women learned entrepreneurship skills to stand up tall and take on their future and that of their families and communities.

Your generous contributions are hard at work transforming lives through technology and training.  U-TOUCH centers are opening wide the window of opportunity for those who only knew as far as they could walk. Our beneficiaries now have a window to the world through the Internet. They are breathing deeply the air of opportunity, learning computer skills, life skills, job skills and entrepreneurship skills. They continue to venture down their new path, with new skills in hand, to find their dreams.

Thank you! We are most grateful for your generosity, making a difference in the lives U-TOUCH!

With deepest gratitude,



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