Samuel: Katine Resource Center, AMREF and U-TOUCH

Samuel at the U-TOUCH Center in Katine

Oh my goodness what a marvelous perfect chance to have unexpectedly from the blue! never let go anything that come your way  and never ever underestimate whatever apple you see in the market but rather go near and then feel the touch smell and test before you begin underrating it. Organizations have always been undermined by many politicians basing on the services they always render to communities; to me I feel they should first be given chance to have their service rendered before we begin throwing stones on them.

Basing on the research carried out I strongly concur with the researchers that AMREF is one of the best organizations in the world. With the resource center built in Katine with partnership with U-TOUCH, the community of Katine has benefited a lot from it. Not to beat around the bush, I personally would wish to acknowledge AMREF as an organization for the service I got from them, in conjunction with U-TOUCH.

The introduction of an ICT literacy program introduced in Katine Resource center, many students inclusive of me have been acquainted with computer skills, entrepreneur skills, Health education skills and peace conferencing among other things. These skills have therefore not only helped me in graduating as a student in Katine resource center but also graduate as a diploma holder in Soroti UCC.

The training helped me challenge most of my tasks I meet in computer not only in Katine resource center but also in College of Commerce Soroti more so when it came to Microsoft Applications.

I therefore wish to  congratulate AMREF Katine together with U-TOUCH for having made me succeed in my education especially in my diploma level through the training I had in Katine I therefore would want to have these program ran for many years  so as to have very many people of Katine have skills in computer. Long live AMREF long live U-TOUCH may God bless you.


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  • Joseph Tabu
    5:03 am - April 10, 2012. Reply

    Great testimony Samuel, It gives courage to the rest of the beneficiaries: Not to think of only achieving ICT skill, but to succeed in integrating the skills to the common career development, social life style, business & other personal and professional deliveries. For sure U-TOUCH has the torch that lights up peoples ambitions…!