Stephen’s Story

Stephen, U-TOUCH Sponsored Student

Stephen shares his experience as a member of the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center in Gulu, Uganda:

This is Stephen and I’d like to talk about how the
U-TOUCH Digital Library Center, Gulu has benefited me. First of all, I would like to say I completely had no knowledge of what a computer is, in fact I had never even touched a computer since I was born and never thought of learning and using one some day. It was not until, the U-TOUCH project came in place and set up the Digital

Library Centers here in northern Uganda that I got the opportunity to learn computer skills and at the moment, I really have substantial knowledge in computer skills and that has greatly impacted my life positively in a number of ways.

Having learned  computer, and as a student in school, I realized that learning could be made easier with the use of computers and through the internet in particular and I’m so delighted to say I was able to frequently use the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center for my studies and it was not surprising that I was able to pass my high school leaving exams with really good and impressing grades, actually I emerged the best Arts student from my class in my subject combination of History, Economics, Geography and Entrepreneurship Education. After that, I got the opportunity to apply for University education and got admitted at Gulu university for a public administration course.

Still at the university I’m very much able to utilize the resource center for doing my assignments and course works utilizing the free internet access. So many of my friends and students from Gulu university have also been able to use the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center for research and study purposes and really they appreciate so much the services U-TOUCH is offering to the community in Gulu and other parts of the region. At the university, I’m able to do very well in class assignments and also exams as I can easily use a computer at the center for studying.

Besides that, I also got in touch with so many friends online and with the student to student connections and also the ementoring program, I have really gotten to learn and share lots of experiences with friends abroad especially in the states. I really hope these kinds of connection  would in the long run become useful tools to students and other members of the community in Uganda as they get to share experiences of life and gain skills in their respective areas of interests. At the center still, I got to learn other enrichment skills being offered by U-TOUCH Digital Library center in Gulu and other centers in the region which include; job skills especially tips of creating attractive resume/CVs, writing application letters among others.

Also I learnt health tips and also attended the village savings and loans association training which has enable me to learn something  about the need for saving wisely for future use and what is required to come up with such VSLA groups, it’s rules and regulations and so forth. Also very important is peace conferencing program that has really given me the skills in addressing problems and conflicts in the community and the world at large. I hope with all these skills I have gotten to learn from the U-TOUCH Digital Library Center, I would grow a responsible citizen and be able to work with self reliance utilizing all the great skills I have got to solve immediate problems around me.

“Long Live U-TOUCH!”


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  1. Stephen, Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved! It’s clear that you are a very bright young man and I look forward to hearing more about your accomplishments.

  2. Great job Stephen and U-TOUCH! It’s amazing how much impact something that we often take for granted can have. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  3. I can’t imagine getting all the way through school without textbooks. You’ve done so much with so little and it makes me regret all of the things I took for granted when I was in school. I wish you all the best now and in the future. Long live U-TOUCH!

  4. Stephen, thank you so much for sharing your story with the world. We are all so proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to many great things from you in the future. Your work with the peaceconferencing project and your dedication to giving back to the center through your internship is an inspiration. You are a tireless advocate for U-TOUCH and your efforts in helping your community are appreciated by all.


  5. You have spoken eloquently about the benefits of RECEIVING U-TOUCH opportunities for learning, though I would like to address your boundless practice of GIVING! It is remarkable that you have such a capacity for giving to others. You help your friends, you help the beneficiaries of the center and you help the community. This is the measure of a man. In any way we may wish to measure, you are a GIANT of a man.

    With warm regards and admiration,

  6. Stephen, you are a wonderful representative for so many. Your story helps all of us understand just how much a person can do with just a little opportunity and a lot of dedication. Ron is so right about your giving, GIVING heart. Thank you for being such a terrific example to those walking in your path and for being the source of great hope and encouragement for the whole U-TOUCH family.

  7. my special thank to all lover of u-touch family around the world,this is great opportunity for people in this world to share their experience with their friends,family,and other people whom they can not meet physically but u-touch everything is made possible just within a second you can talk to a friend,family member, long live u-touch founders for their wonderful work done for the world ,am proud for all u-touch workers both in Uganda (gulu) and other countries, wishing all u-touch family including Stephen,Emma,charless in gulu Uganda the best.
    odong walter gift
    gulu university

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