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Esther CategoriesSponsored Student


“Esther was born on January 1st, 2019 in Mbale district, Uganda. Esther is now three years old and is the second born. She lives with her mother and brother though sadly her father abandoned them.
Esther loves school! She attends Stepping Stones Learning Center and is in the Nursery class. Her best subjects are reading and science.

Elvis CategoriesSponsored Student


Elvis loves school and is in primary one at Stepping Stones Learning Center. His best subjects are mathematics and science. While at school, Elvis participates in co-curricular activities like playing football which he enjoys so much since the age of 2 years, He also enjoys riding a bicycle.

Gloria CategoriesSponsored Student


Gloria began as a sponsored student when she was just 4 years old in preschool. We have watched her grow up before our eyes! “Dear Students, Teachers and Staff, I hereby send you my warm appreciation as a sponsored student. I am by the names Aber Gloria Emma and I am a student at Sacred Heart Secondary School. I am 17 years old and a dreamer of changing and enhancing people’s lives after my education.

Gorretty CategoriesSponsored Student


I am Goretty, 19 yrs old. I am the firstborn and have two brothers in our family. When I was 7 yrs old after my mother was killed by rebel soldiers our father took us to Lake Albert to escape the LRA war. We stayed there for four years then unfortunately, my father became sick. Since I was young I did not know how to care for his illness.

Lawrence CategoriesSponsored Student


Lawrence is brilliant! “I grew up in a poor family with my grandmother, uncle and other family members. We faced financial difficulties in paying for school, therefore many of our family members did not go to school. My parents died in 2001 during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war in Northern Uganda.

Sebastian CategoriesSponsored Student


My name is Sebastian and I was born during the insurgency in northern Uganda. During this period the activity was at its peak. As a result I lost my father when I was just a three-month old baby. I cannot remember my father up to now, because, all the photos in our house were burned by the rebels.