Trager Watson – Donor Profile

It’s not easy to succeed in the high-flying world of Wall Street hedge funds.  Trager Watson did that and one better.  With $3,000 and lot of guts he started his own fund and in 6 years built his company to more than $500 million before learning a lot of lessons about managing that kind of torrid growth.  You could say this guy from Arkansas has acquired a lot of wisdom outside the “Natural State.”

After Wall Street, Trager spent some time traveling in Asia and around the US, formulating his personal code for the next chapter of his life:  Live life with a purpose outside yourself.

So when he ran in Deb Plotkin at a charity conference he could recognize the real deal. She enthusiastically shared U-TOUCH and the personal stories of beneficiaries—“as if they were her own children.”  And, she completely astounded him with how much she has managed to accomplish with so little.

Trager WatsonSince that day, Trager has looked under the hood and kicked the tires.  He’s traveled to and around Uganda, visiting U-TOUCH Centers and comparing what he heard to what he saw.  His take?  It’s real.  While plenty of charity organizations pump money at problems, U-TOUCH is offering something with a much better return.  U-TOUCH is changing lives.  He saw that the more the Ugandans learn, the more they grasp. And he is not the only one to recognize that, with it’s English speaking workforce and political stability, Uganda is a great candidate for the growing technology outsourcing industry.

Given his path, you can believe Trager when he says: Life is not simple.  But it’s not as difficult as we make it.  What matters is integrity and hard work; and a purpose outside yourself.  He sees all of that in U-TOUCH.

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