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U-TOUCH Graphic Design and Print Center

Our Baby is One Year Old!!!!

It’s hard to believe that the first U-TOUCH Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) opened its doors little more than a year ago, in August 2014.  With the only high-capacity color printer in the area, the U-TOUCH graphic center enables local businesses, schools and other organizations to print professional quality materials right in Gulu rather than in Kampala, 6 hours away.

Ibolit Emmanuel
Ibolit Emmanuel

Graphic designer Oceng Denis, assisted by fine artist and videographer Ibolit Emmanuel, heads the department, with Lapyem Denis providing marketing support.  Since opening it’s doors, the TIH has produced posters, business cards, announcements, invitations, magazines and programs.  Recently it has been developing websites for local businesses and organizations.

In addition to the growing graphics department, the TIH has just graduated its third class of Digital Literacy students as well as four Women’s Empowerment classes.  Plans for 2016 include more class offerings, including videography, as well as expanding the U-TOUCH Internet Café. The TIH is making an impact on the local workforce, businesses and the community itself.

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