U-TOUCH Opens First Technology Innovation Hub in Gulu, Uganda

On a dirt road in the business district of Gulu in northern Uganda, a large, 5000 sq. ft. building has been renovated into a bright, busy, center of opportunity. The U-TOUCH Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) is the first of its kind to serve local enterprises with graphic design, print and copy services. As a provider of digital services for local businesses, the Hub’s income will support U-TOUCH with a sustainable business model for future training and service hubs.

In a separate training classroom in the Hub, community members study ICT (Information and Communication Technology), graphic design, business services, and women’s empowerment, with more classes planned in photographic and video production, and entrepreneurship.

The building itself was given to U-TOUCH by the Gulu District Local Government and grant funds secured by U-TOUCH allowed renovation of the property to accommodate the business center.

Gulu TIH The Hub is providing a place where business ideas are being developed and launched.  For this reason, the Gulu District Local Government is excited to partner with U-TOUCH, which has already made significant progress in helping the region, –decimated by the 20 year LRA War–in its economic recovery.

In 2010, U-TOUCH established it’s first Digital Learning Centers and offered free computer literacy and skills training. The TIH is the realization of a dream to provide U-TOUCH program graduates with the next step – advanced skills training and employment opportunities.

Learn more about how program graduates are using their technology skills

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3 reviews
  • Stephen Topaco
    4:09 am - September 28, 2014. Reply

    Great job U-TOUCH! This is a good way to go towards self sustainability of the project.

  • Isaac Komakech
    5:40 am - February 19, 2015. Reply

    It’s a great Job U-Touch is doing to improve access to ICT equipments especially in Northern Uganda which was greatly affected by the LRA insurgency for the last generation, consequently, delaying development. Some schools still lack basic necessities inclusive of computers – which is becoming the main spearheard to development – but U-Touch has bridged that gap and there has been improved technology regardless of whether one goes to school or not. Kuddos!!!

  • Okot Charles
    12:45 am - April 8, 2015. Reply

    I am pleased for the new initiative and hopeful that lives in Northern Uganda will be transformed, well done U-TOUCH!!!