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Over 86% of Africa’s population has no Internet access with many living in isolated and impoverished regions. Millions of young women and men in rural Africa are cut off from a world of education, employment and empowerment. U-TOUCH offers a proven, scalable and sustainable solution to this problem.

Introduction to the Digital World

Since 2010, we’ve graduated over 3,500 students in northern Uganda from the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum. Learn More…

Improving and Creating Employment

Using their new ICT skills, many U-TOUCH graduates are becoming employed for the first time.  Graduates have developed the confidence and skills to set and achieve their goals. Learn More…


In the developed world we take being connected for granted.  Our devices bring us access to the world of information, communication, health care, education, job and business opportunities. Learn More…

Student Stories

Since 2010, we’ve graduated over 3500 trainees in northern Uganda. Click to learn more about their success stories. Learn More…
Impacted Communities
Working with our NGO partners, we have not only improved the lives of individuals, but dramatically impacted their communities. Graduates of the program are finding employment or getting promotions as a result of their new ICT skills. Health and medical workers are gaining improved diagnostic and treatment skills, Students have improved their academic performance, and Local farmers have received agricultural information that improves their yields and the nutrition of the whole community.
Impacted Communities
In 2010, U-TOUCH opened our first Digital Centers in the rural villages of northern Uganda, a region ravaged by extreme poverty and rebuilding after a horrific civil war. Today, our Digital Centers are located in five villages Learn More...


To empower individuals and communities

in developing countries to create solutions to their own challenges

through access to and knowledge of internet technology.

how can you help?

Join us in dramatically extending our impact to millions of individuals and communities in the developing world. With your help we can expand our proven, scalable model and leverage the power of information and communications technology to create opportunity and hope in the lives of the world’s poorest women and men.
With your help we can expand our proven, scalable model and leverage the power of Information and Communication Technology to create opportunity in the lives of the world’s poorest women and men.
Sponsor a Student
Sponsor a Student
Thanks to the support of individuals and the students from Muirlands Middle School and La Jolla High School, U-TOUCH has been able to sponsor a many of these orphans and help to give them a brighter future.
e leverage the power of our ICT training by working with other organizations that share a regional focus.


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