How you can support by donating

Want to support real people and make a real impact on lives, communities and families. Are you passionate about equality and making a difference? Your donation can have a big impact! Here at U-TOUCH we believe that giving is the secret to living. With compassion and empathy giving lifts our heart and soul. while giving a lift of hope and opportunity for the benefiting youth. Here is how your generosity can greatly help. Thank you.

Women & Girls Empowerment

  • Invest in a Woman/Girl Empowerment course for a student: $75

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

  • Invest in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) course for a student: $150

Sponsor a Student

  • Invest in a Sponsored Student's education: $250/term

Student Computer

  • Invest in a U-TOUCH Student Computer: $500

Sustainable Business

  • Invest in a sustainable business start-up: $1000


  • Fund a U-TOUCH Hub