Aisha reflects about her life prior to her training at U-TOUCH as sitting in the village with nothing happening, with no opportunity and no future. There was no vision, no reason for hope. Now  everything has changed. Thanks to the U-TOUCH Women’s Empowerment Program Aisha has the entrepreneurial skills and the confidence to establish a business, a hair salon. She created a business plan and was awarded a grant by U-TOUCH for start-up capital. In addition to being a successful hairstylist, she also designs and sells handcrafted bags. With the broadest smile, Aisha reports that she has an adequate income to support all her six children and her extended family. With her income, she is now paying for her children’s school fees and all of her children are attending school, affording the costs for appropriate medical care, and providing nutritional meals. With a bright and ambitious vision for the future, she is saving some money each week to expand her business.

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