Most of the students we support have faced immense challenges, having been orphaned during the two-decades of civil wars in Uganda. With their guardians unable to afford their education costs, our program can provide them with a brighter future.

Currently, we extend our support to students through various educational milestones, including high school, vocational studies, diplomas, and graduate-level programs. Our sponsorship program helps them to pursue their ambitions and paves the way for their future success.

The success stories of some of our sponsored students fill us with pride and hope. Many of them have embraced new-found confidence and skills, and have become lawyers, doctors, computer scientists, and social workers. Witnessing their resilience and determination to seize every opportunity provided to them inspires us.

Let’s meet two of the remarkable individuals whose lives have been transformed through our program:


Introducing Sebastian:

We met Sebastian when he was 9 years old. Born in Northern Uganda during the war period, he sadly lost both his parents at age 11 and stepped up to become the head of his household, taking care of his grandmother and siblings. We learnt that Sebastian’s family couldn’t afford to send him to school, and offered to cover his educational costs.

Sebastian’s academic journey has been remarkable. Described as a “bright and excellent” student, he constructed a reading hut at the age of 11, showcasing his creativity and determination. He even built a working radio using makeshift materials, and we then danced to the music from his genius creation! Throughout secondary school, Sebastian consistently ranked as the top student for four consecutive years, scored the highest on a national exam in his district, and was invited to attend the most prestigious high school in Uganda. Today, he is pursuing his dream of becoming a physician to address his country’s pressing medical needs.



Meet Gloria:

We welcomed Gloria into our sponsored student program when she was just 4 years old. Over the years, we have witnessed her remarkable transformation into a confident, successful, and bright young woman. Through her education, Gloria has honed her programming and web development abilities and aspires to become a computer scientist. She attributes her success to U-TOUCH and the generous donors who sponsored her education and helped her achieve her potential.

Our students are incredibly grateful to our donors, who have provided them with access to education, something many of them never imagined possible. We offer several sponsorship options, enabling you to support children through primary and high school and fund their crucial examinations and textbooks.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child and changing lives through education, please visit our donations page: CLICK HERE. Together, we can create a brighter, more promising future for young people.

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