GloriaGloria began as a sponsored student when she was just 4 years old in preschool. We have watched her grow up before our eyes! “Dear Students, Teachers and Staff, I hereby send you my warm appreciation as a sponsored student. I am by the names Aber Gloria Emma and I am a student at Sacred Heart Secondary School. I am 17 years old and a dreamer of changing and enhancing people’s lives after my education. I would like to become a computer scientist and I have reached up to this level because of your support towards my academic excellence. I live in an extended family of many siblings together with my Aunt and Grandmum. My hobbies are playing soccer, netball, dancing, and singing. I have experienced so much support ever since you came to my rescue and kept me in school all along to help me out of this illiterate world. With your support and U-TOUCH programs I can program codes using different soft wares like unity, web development all because of your effort that made me have access to computers. I once again would like to appreciate both the teachers and students for the great job you are doing to keep me moving high into the sky with academics. Thank you for the heart you offered to help me out with my studies and to have my personal dreams for the future. Thank you all for your outstanding efforts to support my studies and achieve my goals.” Your donation will help Gloria stay in school and realize her dreams for her future.

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