Gorretty“Dear La Jolla High School U-TOUCH Club, teachers, students and staff, I am Goretty, 19 yrs old. I am the firstborn and have two brothers in our family. When I was 7 yrs old after my mother was killed by rebel soldiers our father took us to Lake Albert to escape the LRA war. We stayed there for four years then unfortunately, my father became sick. Since I was young I did not know how to care for his illness. Though I tried my best for him to get better, I failed. Early one morning we woke up to find our father died on his bed, only we never knew that he was dead since we were so young and his eyes were open. One of our neighbors came and he looked at my father from the door side and he told me that my father was dead. From then I started protecting my two brothers until my grandmother came a long distance to take us and brought us up in the world up to now. I was playing in a brass band for life, caring for me and my brothers and our grandmother at home. I was also able to attend school sometimes for the little money I earned but missed many classes due to the lack of school fees. Now I am studying to become a teacher of early child development with the support of La Jolla High School. My school sponsorship is so important to me because without, I would not finish my study or achieve my dreams. I am so grateful for all the students, teachers and sponsors, because without them my life was going to end short and I was not going to study or have a future. The benefit of my education in Uganda is going to help me study to help children like me in need and give back just as you have done for me. Thank you. I am grateful for your kind loving support toward my education.”


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