“Greetings to all my dear teachers and students of La Jolla High School. I am called Julius. I was born to my late parents, who were killed during the time of the Lord Resistance Army’s activities in northern Uganda (LRA War). My parents died when I was a young child, helpless in the village. I am now a student at Makerere University. I sincerely would like to thank you for your support of my school fees you render me always, which enables me to study every term. How I wish you always continue with the same heart in other years to come. Thank you. In school, I am studying agriculture in relation to my future dreams of becoming a veterinary doctor. It is because of you that my dream will come true. Since I was a young boy of six U-TOUCH took me under their wing and has given me an education in technology. I learned not only Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum, but I have also gained advanced skills. In fact, I have been able to develop my own game called coin picker using unity software. After training on this for the past few years I was introduced to a software called Maya which is used to create animations and we were taught interior design and character modeling. I would like just to thank you for funding my tuition for the training and wish one time some of your students could come and attend the training with us. Life before you started supporting me was very difficult. I couldn’t afford an education, didn’t even know its importance, and had no access to computers but things have changed so greatly since you came into my life and started helping me. I now attend the top university in Uganda, have computer access and a future. In particular, I would like to thank the students, teachers, and administration at La Jolla High School for continuously supporting me in every aspect of my life, fundraising for my school fees and other scholastic materials and keeping me in school for the past 12 years. With this, I would like to promise you that I will work hard to achieve my dream and be able to support other people in my region and others as best I can. I wish you success in all you are doing and request any willing persons to join hands in supporting the needy African children.”

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