Lawrence is brilliant! “I grew up in a poor family with my grandmother, uncle and other family members. We faced financial difficulties in paying for school, therefore many of our family members did not go to school. My parents died in 2001 during the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war in Northern Uganda. Thereafter, my grandmother took care of me and with time, I began my primary level of education. I studied from primary one up to primary five by paying only half of the school fees. After knowing the importance of education, I started doing some other work like selling food to raise some money to pay my school fees. I did very well in school, scoring the highest in my school on the Primary Leaving Examinations. The school administration gave me books and pens to help me join secondary level of education in appreciation for my excellent performance. I studied from senior one to senior three by paying only half of the school fees because I was among the best performing students. I finished senior four and passed well but I did not join advanced level of education because there was no money to pay my school fees. However, I did not lose hope for further studies because of my good performance in class. My hope is in achieving an advanced level of education so that I become a medical doctor in the future. I therefore appreciate your effort so much and it is because of you that I am proud and hopeful to fit in the changing world. By these reasons, I am most grateful and encourage you to continue with this program because it will raise a generation which will be able to help other people and change lives in our communities.”


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