Meet Marion: “I had nothing and then I went to U-TOUCH and I began life …my life has changed completely!” These are Marion’s enthusiastic words as she reflected on the transformative impact of U-TOUCH’s Women’s Empowerment and Computer Literacy programs. She had a dream of creating a business that could serve the needs of her community but she didn’t have the business or the technology skills. When she remarks, “I’m a different person”, she means she is capable and confident as a graduate of U-TOUCH. She started a business that provides photocopying, scanning, Internet searching, binding and computer training. She is financially successful With a broad smile she proudly states, “I can pay my rent, I can pay my children’s school fees, I can feed my family, I help my entire family! Her radiant energy reflects her appreciation and gratitude that she can be a valuable source of great support to her immediate and extended family.

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