“I had no hope and no confidence… I couldn’t do anything!” Rachael shared her experience before she heard of U-TOUCH.

The Women’s Empowerment and ICT (digital literacy) programs gave me the skills and confidence to gain employment. Having the U-TOUCH ICT certificate in my hand I was able to apply for this job. Many people applied for the job and I know my confidence and proficiency with computers made the difference. I can speak with customers and I can comfortably use computers to complete the sales reports. Having an income has enabled me to take care of me and my mother. I am able to provide the money to pay for food, shelter and medical needs. Rachael is now excited about the future. She is actively saving her funds to be able to start her own business and sell electronics. Filled with optimism and gratitude she repeats “thank you, thank you, you’ve changed my life!

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