Three Inspirational Stories from our Women’s Empowerment Program

At U-TOUCH, we are continually inspired by the incredible women who participate in our intensive month-long Women’s Empowerment Program. This transformative initiative aims to challenge traditional gender roles and empower women to realize their true potential.

The women who join our program come from diverse backgrounds. Some have escaped abusive households and seek to learn about overcoming gender-based violence. Others are struggling to provide for their families and face financial hardship and uncertainty. We firmly believe that true empowerment for women begins when they can envision a different life for themselves.

Throughout the program, we focus on building self-esteem and confidence, enabling the women to envision new possibilities and reimagine their goals. We also teach key business skills, such as jewellery making and tailoring, which have helped women to start their own businesses, selling beautiful handmade bags, necklaces, and clothing to their communities.

Over a thousand women have graduated from the program and their accomplishments are inspiring. Today, they are software developers, fashion designers, nurses, teachers, politicians, and advocates for women’s rights and girls’ education. Their contributions are transforming how the younger generation perceives themselves, igniting aspirations and breaking down barriers.

Now, let’s meet some of these remarkable women!

Meet Violet

Violet is a mother of five who joined our program when she struggled to pay her children’s school fees and had no source of income. Our program equipped Violet with professional skills while empowering her to adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur. After completing the course, Violet created a business plan and was awarded a grant to establish a successful fruit and vegetable business. Today, with the profits from her business, she can support her family’s needs, including food and medical expenses. With a smile on her face, she proudly shares, “U-TOUCH put a smile on my face!”

Meet Mary

Mary had to drop out of school due to financial constraints and contemplated marriage as her only option. However, she then discovered the U-TOUCH Women’s Empowerment Program, where she gained business skills and developed her confidence and self-esteem. Through personalized advice and support from our facilitators, Mary built a thriving business selling fruits and vegetables to her local community. Her newfound path makes her feel fulfilled and independent, which has inspired her sisters to focus on their education.


Meet Jesca

As a widowed single mother, Jesca faced financial struggles while nurturing her children. She dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur but felt she lacked the necessary skills and knowledge. Then she found the Women’s Empowerment Program!

During her time with us, Jesca became knowledgeable about addressing gender-based violence. Feeling empowered and confident, she applied for a community leadership post and became a counsellor in Mbale City. Jesca is now a powerful advocate for women’s rights, inspiring and empowering women across multiple communities to envision a brighter future.

Jesca’s journey exemplifies the impact of changing one life, as she uplifts countless others. We take immense pride in supporting women like Jesca!


The U-TOUCH Women’s Empowerment Program brings about tangible and meaningful changes in the lives of these women. While the program’s success can be measured in quantifiable metrics, such as increased economic status, we are equally proud of the far-reaching ripple effects that benefit hundreds of other women.

If you feel inspired to support a woman in building a sustainable livelihood, please consider making a donation at our donations page: CLICK HERE. Together, we can continue to transform lives and create a brighter future for women and young girls.

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