Uplifting Communities: Our Grassroots Initiatives for Digital Equality in Africa

At U-TOUCH, we focus on giving back to the local community through grassroots initiatives. We are committed to accelerating digital equality in Africa, and to achieve this, we believe in providing access to the Internet, promoting education for young people, and empowering women and girls. These three pillars form the basis of our work.

Let’s delve into each of our key programs:

1. ICT Program

Our Digital Literacy Program begins by introducing participants to the basics of using a computer, including mouse and keyboard skills. Many of our students have never had the opportunity to use a computer before, and some walk miles to join our free training sessions. Over the course of 8 weeks, our students progressively learn how to navigate the internet, send emails, and interact on social media.

As their confidence grows, we delve into more advanced topics and applications, such as Microsoft Office and computer programming. Upon completing the course, our students earn a U-TOUCH certification, which is highly regarded by employers in Uganda. This certification significantly enhances their employability in a digital-first world, providing a valuable opportunity for those who could not afford a formal education.


2. Sponsor a Student Program

Having supported over 50 students to date, our Sponsor a Student Program demonstrates our commitment to education. Most of the young people we sponsor were orphaned during the two decades of civil wars, and their guardians were unable to finance their education. Witnessing the students grow into confident young people makes us feel immensely proud.

Through partnerships with schools, we facilitate the students’ educational journey. The students themselves engage in creative and remarkable fundraising efforts, honing their communication and planning skills in the process which can help towards applications and job opportunities. To learn more about our partnerships, please find our page [Insert Link Here].


3. Women & Girls Empowerment

We firmly believe that women are the backbone of Africa. However, societal expectations often limits their career aspirations, and early marriages can hinder their pursuit of education and independence. We strive to break these barriers through our Women’s Empowerment Program.

Our intensive month-long course challenges gender norms and fosters self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills in participants. The program equips women with practical business skills, such as jewellery making and tailoring, which are relevant and valuable in their communities. As a result, many of these women have gone on to create beautiful, handmade accessories, providing them with sustainable incomes.

Beyond entrepreneurship, we are proud to witness women excelling in diverse fields, from software development to fashion design, nursing to politics, teaching to counselling. Witnessing these transformations is a privilege that drives us to continue our work with even greater dedication.


Thank You for Being a Part of the Change!

We sincerely thank our supporters for enabling us to make a difference to the lives of countless women. If you are inspired to join our mission, please consider making a donation and becoming a part of our community to receive updates on upcoming events and the inspiring stories of celebration and growth.

Together, we are uplifting communities and fostering a brighter, more equitable future.

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